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Overall 2017 was wetter, windier and warmer than normal.  Indeed 2017 set a new rainfall record of 930mm compared to an average of 790mm.  An average windspeed of 16.9mph compares with a norm of 15.6mph and average temperature was 8.7oC compared to 8.3oC.  Over ten years there is no discernible trend in any of the data.  Weather is variable!

December 2017

A fairly average December for temperature and rainfall but less windy than usual despite storm Caroline on the 7th.

Average windspeed was 16.9mph compared to a norm of 18.4mph.  Gusts above 40mph were recorded on 12 days, the highest being 75mph on the 7th.  Once again the predominant wind direction was NW.  The average temperature was 5.1oC which was only slightly above normal ( 4.9oC) but a good bit cooler than last year (7.1oC).  There were a number of frosty days and some snow and sleet showers. Rainfall was about average for December (91mm v 93.3mm).

November 2017

A cold, very wet and windy month!  Average windspeed was 19.7mph which is well above the normal for November (17.2mph) and is thesecond highest figure recorded in 10 years.  There were no quiet days at all and gusts above 40mph were recorded on 22 days and on three days gusts exceeded 50mph . The highest gust was 54mph and the predominant direction was North Westerly.  The average temperature at 5.6oC was much cooler than normal ( 6.8oC) and was the second lowest on record.  It was also a very wet month and a new record for November of 144.8mm was recorded compared to a ten year average of 92.6mm.  Some of this precipitation was of sleet and hail.

October 2017

A wet and windy month but still quite mild.  Average windspeed was 18.6mph which is above the normal for October (17.3mph).  There was only one day when the average windspeed was less than 10mph and gusts above 40mph were recorded on 19 days. The highest gust was 52mph and the predominant direction was South Westerly.  The average temperature was 10.2oC (norm 9.4oC) but it was wet (111.4mm) compared to a ten year average of 89.4mm.  The first half of the month was particularly wet.

September 2017

A very windy month with an average windspeed of 17.3mph which is well above the norm for September (14.6mph) and there were gusts above 40mph on 9 days.  The predominant direction was South Easterly though there was also about ten days of North Westerlies.   With all that wind it was also wetter than normal (81.6mm v 71.6mm) though not exceptionally so.  Temperatures were slightly above average at 12oC v  a norm of 11.7oC for the month.


August 2017

A fairly average August.  Rainfall at 61.2mm was about 10% less than normal (67.6mm); the average temperature 13.2oC was similar to the past two years and slightly above normal (12.9oC).  A high of 20.2oC was recorded on the 28th.  Windspeeds were higher (13.3mph) compared to a norm of 12.6mph, the highest gust being 42mph.  Gusts over 40mph were recorded on 4 days and the dominant wind direction was NW.


July 2017

A wetter than normal July ( 59 v 43.7mm) but much of this rain fell during the 20th when 20.6mm was recorded.  Temperatures were near average at 12.8oC and it was slightly breezier (12.7 v 11.9mph).   The highest gust was 48mph during a near gale on the 2nd and the dominant wind direction was WSW.

June 2017

A warmer wetter and windier month than usual for June. The average temperature was 11.6oC compared to a long term average of 10.8oC and a high of 18.3oC was recorded on the 15th.  Rainfall at 82.8mm was the highest recorded for June (average 46.5mm) and this was largely due to a 24hr period on the 6th and 7th when 39.2mm fell.  Windspeeds were also higher (13.9mph v 11.9mph with a gust of 48mph recorded on the 24th when there was a SW gale.  The dominant direction was WSW.

May 2017

A warm and dry month with winds just above average.  Half of the rain that fell (29.8mm) did so on just two days (20th and 22nd) and was well below normal (44mm).  It was the warmest May in ten years  (9.8oC versus a norm of 8.7oC with a high temperature of 16.8oC).  Windspeeds at 14.2mph were just above average (13.5mph); gusts of 44 and 46 mph were recorded about the middle of the month.  The dominant direction was SE.